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Amazon Diwali Dhamaka: Hitting hard on Competitors!! Will they cross 600 Cr landmark?

Amazon, the ecommerce Giant has hit hard with its Diwali Dhamaka Week Offer. Snapdeal and Flipkart on their “Big Billion Day” sale achieved thriving results and made 600 Crores each. Now amazon is on its way to break the record. Amazon has named the deals as lightening deals and they are really being sold with the speed of light. A large percentage of the deals are taken 100% in first three minutes.


Electronics and computer accessories are the ones that are selling the fastest. Amazon has managed to keep the deal prices considerably lower than the competitors. People are sitting with their eyes on screen and fingers on the mouse. This is the first time in India that online market place has come up with such a big bang of deals.


Although Flipkart and Snapdeal achieved record breaking sales, but they had to face shortage of supplies and a lot of customers returned unhappy. This is somehow going to the advantage of Snapdeal, appetizing the wishes and buying capacity of the customers.

There has been debates over the topic of these companies selling at such a lower prices. Flipkart and Snapdeal even have some complaints against them. Local retailers and dealers are making a lot of noise before the manufactures. They want the manufactures to stop supplying products to the e-commerce companies.

Despite of all this, everything is going to benefit the customers in India and also the companies. Indian laws has not been very consumer friendly like in the US, with some changes being made in recent times. These type of big sales such as Amazon Diwali Dhamaka Week offer is expected to set a new trend in online shopping in India. People will be more aware and the companies will make more money in the shortest possible time typically in few days. In all the scenarios and conditions customers still have a big advantage and they are running hard to seal the deals.

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