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Apps To Track Lost or Stolen Phone For Free

As mobile theft is rising , you can secure your mobile with the help of apps that can track your lost or stolen phone.You must do a complaint to Police when you are confirmed that you mobile is lost or stolen.Police can help you to recover the mobile once you track its location.

Free Apps For Iphone To Track Lost or Stolen Phone

Find My Iphone

find my iPhone app
find my iPhone app

This app is designed for both – iphone and ipad.You need to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5 or above to install this app.Also you need a icloud account (it’s free).

You can turn on the app by tapping Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone. Tap Allow to confirm this option.As soon as your iPhone is connected with internet ,you can check the location of your iphone.You can also disable iphone from there.

locate lost or stolen iPhone through find my iPhone app
locate lost or stolen iPhone with find my iPhone app


Free Apps For Android To Track Lost or Stolen Phone

Unlike iPhone, there are plenty of free apps in android to track lost or stolen phone.You can install any of these app and secure your phone.

Apps to Track Android Device For Free
Apps to Track Android Device For Free

Avast! mobile security

My first choice to make android device secure is Avast mobile security.It provides a free antivirus protection to android device as well as track its location.Best thing is that its anti-theft component is invisible (works in background). So thief can’t detect that a tracking app is installed into device. You can easily track device through web portal or SMS.

 Locate My Droid

Second application that I would recommend to track lost or stolen android device is LocateMyDroid.You can download it from Google’s Android Market and install it with single click.You need to run it for once and it will be connected with online servers.Google account is required for this app.

Mobile Security and Antivirus by Trend Micro

Another useful app to secure your android device.This app provides antivirus protection , takes backup of your data and track your device if it is lost or stolen.Though some of the services are not free but app is good enough to give a try.

Mobile Chase Location Tracker

This is another app  to track your stolen phone.This app works when SIM is changed and it sends a SMS within 5 minutes from new number to your number.SMS include GPS location or current location to track the device.

Thief Tracker

Thief tracker is a great app to catch the thief red handed.This app will take the picture of “thief” using front camera and send you  email immediately.Only limitation is that it doesn’t wipe your data and consider a attempt unsuccessful only when 4 dots are selected.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

This android app provides you security from virus and allows you to block phone, wipe data and trace device.Also it helps you by scanning malicious apps before they can harm your device.

Lookout Security and Antivirus

This app includes a lot of mind blowing features.Once you installed this app on your device,you can easily track device on Google Map at helps you to take backup of data ,updates over air,and secure your mobile with antivirus.Premium version includes more features.

Plan B

This app is provided by Lookout Mobile Security.Plan B is the only app which you can download even after you lost your phone.Install “Plan B” to device that is lost using Android Market Website.Plan B will start automatically and send your phone’s location to your Gmail address.To locate again after 10 minutes, send a SMS “locate” to your phone from any other phone .


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  1. My phone is locked due too many pattern attempts.!
    but my phone haven’t automatically USB connect….without unlock phone it’s not possible to connect usb mood…
    what can i do now…………………….?????????????????

  2. Press power key volume key and homekey simultaneous phone will restart remember phone will be hard reset phone memory storage data will be erased.

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