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Delete All Contacts from iPhone

Unlike other phones there is no inbuilt option in iPhone to delete all contacts at once.It is very time consuming and boring to delete contacts one by one.Think if you have more than hundreds of contacts then how much time it will take to delete one by one and the whole process will be boring.

There are simple tricks to delete all contacts from iPhone.Below I am sharing such tips to delete all contacts at once.

1)One of the easiest way to delete all contacts from iPhone is to restore iPhone to factory settings. It will erase all data from your phone.Alternatively you can erase data by going to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase all content and settings . But this method is not recommended as it will delete all user data including photos, songs, videos and any other user/network settings.

2)Second method to delete all contacts from iPhone is using iTunes.Connect your iPhone with iTunes installed in your computer or Mac.Once your device is connected to iTunes, Follow these steps to delete all contacts :-

a) Go to Settings in your iPhone and Open “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.

b) Press Add Account and select Microsoft Exchange.
c) Enter Account Info.5. In the Email field, enter your full Gmail email address (for example :
d) Leave the Domain field blank.
e) Enter your Gmail or yahoo mail account information.(username and password)

delete all contact from iphone

f) Tap Next at the top of your iPhone screen. Choose Cancel if it shows “Unable to Verify Certificate”.
g) When the new Server field appears, enter
h) Press Next and choose Delete from next screen.

delete all contacts iphone
Delete all Contacts From iPhone

This will delete all contacts from your iPhone.

3) In a similar way, you can use iCloud account to delete phone book from your iPhone.

Go to Settings->Mail,Contacts,Calendars->iCloud

Now set the button to Off next to Contacts.Now Tap the delete button “Delete from My Iphone”.

my contact backup iphone
my contact backup – iPhone app

4) Another Easy method to erase all contacts from iPhone is to use an app.There are some free available apps which you can download from apple store and use it to delete contacts.One of such app is My Contacts Backup, which is free.

You can download it from apple store.where it is available for free.After you install this app,launch the app.

Go to settings page of this appĀ  and use the red button (as shown in the image) to erase all contacts.



5) If your device is Jailbreak,then you can follow these steps to delete all contacts from iPhone.

a)Launch Cydia and search for application “Erase Contacts”. Click on install.Once application is installed ,it will be shown on springboard.

Launch Erase Contact application.Remember…. it will not ask for confirmation to delete all contacts.Once you launched the application,it will automatically erase all contacts from your iPhone phone book.

erase iphone contact

If you know any other method to erase complete phone book contacts from iPhone then please share with us.

Sher Singh

I am a blogger writing on various topics including new technology, websites and how to use them.There are number of services provided by each technology and websites but users are not aware of them.This blog shows use of such services so that users can fully utilize any technique, software or websites.

11 thoughts to “Delete All Contacts from iPhone”

  1. Thank you for suggesting My Contacts Backup. I had one contact that I simply could not get rid of even though I had successfully managed to delete all the others.

    Your suggestion worked – thank you!

  2. This was awesome. I had done an import last year of a downloaded Exchange contacts list and it was a mess. When I got my new phone, somehow that messed up list got back on.

    I turned off iCloud contacts, used this “My Contacts Backup” App and deleted the entire list. I then turned iCloud back on and everything is working perfectly.


  3. RE: iPhone 4s ios7

    THANK YOU Sher Singh!

    Searched web 2 days for solution(s)… method 2 worked for me!

    BTW: I’m iPhone newbie and for the moment, I hate Apple and their ******* iPhone!

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