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Easy way to find Music files on Internet

Easy way to find Music files on Internet

If you love music then you must have searched songs on Google.Some times it is very difficult to find a particular music file on internet.Google has made it

easy by creating a separate portal for music search.It was available for US visitors but now you can search it for local and Indian Music also..
Google Music is my favorite way to search music files on web.It displays combined list of popular and latest music albums on its homepage.
It is very easy to find a particular song if you know the name of singer.Just type the name and press search .It will show a list of all albums of

that singer.Alternatively you can search by the name of song or by name of album.
Google Music is the link to access the music search engine (click here for Indian version of Google Music). You can sort the music by language.It will display the list of

languages in which it will find the files.You can also search the music files of a specific time period.For example in case of my search – it shows the music

files for 80’s and 2000’s time period.It is very good feature as you can easily differentiate the original music.Sometimes songs are released after remixing

or a little change to original composition.This option helps to get the original music files.
For now Google Music allows to listen music.A popup is opened when you click on to play the song.You can’t download these songs.We hope soon

Google will provide an option to download songs for free or at nominal price.
If you want to download the song,then you have to go to the site which is providing the streaming to Google.
Link is given at the bottom of popup player.till Enjoy listening music………..

Update : –how to search for music files on internet – Another Way 

There is alternative of Google music.You can search your desired music file (mp3 or any other format) on Google search engine.Use  Google search operators to find desired music file on internet.Your search query will be like this:-  inurl:”Singer Name”. For example if you are searching for songs of Shakira than your query will be –> inurl:”Shakira”.
Similarly you can search for songs of your favorite singer.Just replace Shakira with the name of singer.You will get a list of albums by that singer.Click on album to view and listen music.

If you don’t prefer Google to search music files than there are websites dedicated to music only.I have collected a list of such sites which will make it easy for you to find music files on internet:-

List is very long and I will try to sum up them in a PDF file.If you know music websites that are good resource,please share in comments.

Sher Singh

I am a blogger writing on various topics including new technology, websites and how to use them.There are number of services provided by each technology and websites but users are not aware of them.This blog shows use of such services so that users can fully utilize any technique, software or websites.

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