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Factory Reset Android Phone

android factory resetSometimes Android mobile is hanged or start running very slow.Apps are loading very slow or not responding properly.In that case there are two solutions – first is to install the software (Android OS) of your mobile again.Second is to hard reset the mobile (restore the device to its original factory settings). Second option is better as it is easy to implement.There are many problems  which can be solved by hard resetting the Android mobile.

Before resetting the phone, make sure that you have taken backup of all the data.Hard reset or Factory reset will erase all data from the device.

You can follow these steps to hard reset  Android device or to restore mobile to factory setting.There are two methods to hard reset or factory reset android phone.

First Method to Factory Reset Android Phone

1. Press the power button and Switch Off the Android device.

2. Try any one of the following combination of buttons (press these buttons simultaneously):-

a)  Home + Power

b) Volume Up + Home + Power

c) Volume Down + Power

3. This will open the recovery menu.Choose “Factory reset mode” by pressing volume up/down button.Use the power button to select the option.

4. Confirm the reset/wipe data option.

5. Wait for few minutes.Your device will be restored to original factory settings.

Second Method to Factory Reset Android Phone

1. Press menu button and go to Settings.

2. Select Privacy from the options.

3. Select Factory Data Reset.

android factory reset

4. Confirm the process by selecting “Erase Everything”. Please remember it will erase all settings and data from your device and the phone will be set to original  factory settings.

If your device is not factory restored by following these steps then share your device info (make & model) with us in comments.I will try to provide solution.

Sher Singh

I am a blogger writing on various topics including new technology, websites and how to use them.There are number of services provided by each technology and websites but users are not aware of them.This blog shows use of such services so that users can fully utilize any technique, software or websites.

29 thoughts to “Factory Reset Android Phone”

  1. my android phone has only two way to press,the power key and the volume +/- only.. the key to home key is at the screen and i cant press it when doing your 1st method A and B… in C, it only appears full phone test,view phone test result, item test and ctp calibrate.. no factory reset.. what should i do? pls give me guide,tnx..

    1. hi, i have also same problem my android phone shows result as like your shows , did you find the solution, how to do factory reset?
      if you find plz tell me also

    2. My android phone locked by patte n,while i press vol up power butto n get screen with this item,I can’t able to see restore factary.
      factary test*
      phone test*
      factary used*
      full phone test*
      view phone test result*
      Item test*
      bt evt*
      ctp calibrate*
      help me please.

  2. I have a samsung s4.. i hve factory data reset but i didnt selec automatic restore. however after reset it when the phone starts it does not start like before you know it starts with the samsung logo but now it start with an android logo. is there any solution to repair this????

  3. My tab is microdigit brand android vt 4.0with tf card slot model no. M700G. By pressing vol+power button I entered. But inside all options are in chinese so I failed to find reset. Option. Whats the way to find

  4. tecno p3 locked due to wrong partan and demand email but when i put it invalid and i used to restore by up volume n power batton but still reject i need help in other way

  5. Hi,
    I have an eKlasse tablet 7″. I got this message “too many pattern attempts”. I have these button “Volume Down + Power” only. I want to perform a Hard Reset , I tryed this following combination of buttons (Volume Down + Power) but no sign.

    Is there any solution to this problem please ??


  6. My q A4 has blocked due to too many pattern has attempted as per ur solution i have adopted but phone not going on reboot plz provide solution thanks

  7. with carbon A6, while pressing vol down + Power button, get screen with this item but not able to see ‘factory reset’.

    factory test
    phone test
    factory used

    full phone test
    view phone test result
    item test
    bt evt
    ctp calibrate

    One more thing, there are no such a ways to select first three items anyhow.

    Help me please, I am facing ‘too many attempts’ problem.

  8. when i use the up volume and power it came up but i didnt see factory reset but i saw something like that but i cant select it my model is 18550

  9. my tecno P3 blocked due to many pattern attempt but I don’t see factory reset option on the screen how can I go about it

  10. I have forgotten the password to my tecno P3 but I don’t see data wipe out option on my screen duiring resetting…plz help

  11. sir my samsung phone in locked due to drawin many patterns showing that enter you google account ang i forget my google account and tried my level best to open it but cant i also done the method of holdin POWER +HOME+VOLUME UP button it shows some downloadin but the downloading is not going on its end and mobile shows many times to cancel it ya continue but cant reached to the final method so please tell me a easy method to set my mobile please

  12. my tecno g9 tab is misbehaving, displaying andriod system,service guard,andriod pat not responding,security plunging stopped and so on it will also download games on its own,it always trip off too.i have reset factotry reset but the problem still remains . pls what should i do?

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