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How To Make A New Partition In Windows 8

If your system have only one partition of hard disk or you have high volume of data than you need more partitions to manage the data.You might want to use more than one operating system than only solution is to partition the disk and in this tutorial I am going to tell you about how to make a new partition in windows 8.This is very useful as it will help you to manage your files separately.You can keep backup and all other important files of your computer in a separate partition.You can assign a drive to games or entertainment stuff only.Means you can easily manage all of your data.

How To Make A New Partition In Windows 8

Go to run command utility.Press window button and R simultaneously to open the “Run Utility”.
You can know about the keyboard shortcuts of Windows 8 from our article complete list of windows 8 shortcut keys.
Now type “diskmgmt.msc” in the input box and click OK utility in windows8This will open the disk management tool of Windows.This tool is used for creating, formatting or deleting the partitions of hard-disk in Windows.disk management tool Windows 8
Now select the drive which has extra space.We need to shrink that drive.Right click on the drive and select the shrink option.Shrink the Drive in Disk Management tool
In my case,I have selected the drive D to shrink.After clicking the shrink volume option I get a new pop up window which shows the information about disk space(total and free). You can shrink the disk with free available space.
You can input the space in MB only.For example if you want to create a partition of 1GB than you should enter 1,000 MB in the input field.
After entering the space you need,Click on “Shrink”.
Now Disk management tool will show you the unallocated space of 1 GB in the right hand side of drives.Right click on unallocated space and choose new simple volume from the list.
create new volume
This will open an installation page.Check the image shown below
new volume wizard

Just click on next and assign a letter (letter should not be in use) to the drive in next step.
assign a letter to new drive
Choose NTFS storage type and give the name to new drive.You can keep the name field blank.In that case it will show the letter in place of name that you assigned to it in previous step.
Click on Finish to complete the process of creating new partition in windows 8.
You can use the same guide to make a new partition in Windows 7 and Vista.

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