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Run Windows Xp on Windows 8

Windows XP is the most popular and easy to use operating system by Microsoft.There are lots of applications that are designed to run only in Windows XP or run in XP mode only.Users of Windows 7 can run the those old applications using Windows XP mode.If you have upgraded your operating system to Windows 8 than you might know that this mode is no longer supported in Windows 8.Does it mean you can’t run Windows XP on windows 8 ?

run windows xp on windows 8
run windows xp on windows 8

Answer is no.There is an alternate option to do this.You can download Windows XP Mode file which is provided free of cost on Microsoft website.You will also need Oracle’s free VirtualBox utility to run it.
Download the WindowsXPMode by clicking here.Size of file is 469.8 MB.A tool will be required to run to prove that license of Windows you are using is valid.
Extract the zip file and you will find “sources/xpm” file there.In the extracted xpm file there is a file called VirtualXPVHD.Rename it with VHD extension.
Now you can open VirtualXPVHD in Virtual Box and can run Windows XP mode in Windows 8 without need of additional license.
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