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Stop Google from Using Name and Picture in Ads

Google has updated its policy from 11 October 2013. From then onwards, Google has started using name and picture of Google Plus profiles to endorse its ads.If you have created a profile on Google Plus then Google can use your name and picture in its ads.

Google user related adsGoogle can use your profile name or picture to show ads to people who are in connection with you.Or your name and picture may be shown on geographical based ads (means ads served by Adsense to the websites opened in your area).

An example of this is, if your friend searched for a Chinese restaurant, he might seeĀ  nearby restaurant with a review by you.Facebook is already using this kind of feature.This option is unabled by default.You can easily disable it by following these steps :-

How to turn on or off shared endorsements on Google ads

1) Log in to your Google Plus account.

2) Go to Shared Endorsements setting. You can find it in setting page.Or just click the link provided here.

3) At the bottom of this page, there is a “check-box” with text written “Based on my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads.” Uncheck this box.


4) Click on Save Button.A pop up will be shown to you.Click on Continue Button.

Shared Endorsement ads-setting-pop-up

That’s all. Now Google will not use your name or picture in its ads.

Sher Singh

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