Too Many Pattern Attempts – Solution

Android is most popular operating system for mobiles.This Operating System is designed by Google and is available for free.Smart phone making companies are using Android as their mobile phone operating system.This system has benefit of thousands of free applications available over Google Play.A common problem which mobile users are facing is that their mobile is locked after too many wrong pattern attempts.

Pattern Lock in Android Mobile

Pattern Lock in Android Mobile

Most of users lock their mobile by using pattern lock.Pattern lock is a kind of lock in which you have to draw image by connecting  adjacent circles.You can browse your mobile only when you make right pattern.In case you draw wrong pattern ,you are asked to redraw the pattern.

If you add wrong pattern for more than 20 times then your phone get locked.Now you can’t try new pattern or use any other feature of mobile phone.Even you can’t make any call.In this case your phone is totally locked.

Solution for Too Many Pattern Attempts

If you have attempted wrong pattern many times and your phone is locked ,then there are following solutions:-

First solution is to use Google account associated with mobile.You need to log in into your Google account and then you can disable or change the pattern lock.Internet (mobile data) on your mobile should be working otherwise you need access to WiFi to do that.If  your mobile is not connecting with internet then you have to go for second solution.

Too Many Pattern Attempts

Too Many Pattern Attempts

If WiFi or mobile data is Off on your mobile then you can’t authenticate online to unlock your device.You can enable WiFi as well as mobile data by connecting your mobile with Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This method requires USB Debugging feature enabled which is under ‘Developer options’ of your device.

Second solution to overcome “Too Many Pattern Attempts” problem is to format the mobile device.You need to make hard reset of your mobile to overcome pattern lock problem.For most of the Android devices ,you can hard reset the device by pressing POWER + VOLUME + HOME button simultaneously.Please remember that all your data (images ,music files , videos and contacts saved in mobile ) will lost during hard reset and your phone will be restored to factory setting.

Let me know if you didn’t find hard reset code/method for your mobile.I will find it for you.

Third solution is to use desktop app.You need to know username and password of Google account associated with your mobile device.Name of the app  is Screen Lock Bypass Pro. You can download it in Google store.Install this app on your device and you can bypass the pattern lock.

 Steps to Bypass Pattern Lock Using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

You can bypass pattern lock using ADB.For this method to work ,you need USB debugging mode enabled.By default this feature is enabled automatically.

Connect your device to computer with the help of USB cable and issue following command through ADB

adb shell
rm /data/system/gesture.key

Reboot your android device and now supply following commands

adb shell
cd /data/data/­s/databases
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;

Restart your device.

You have done.It will accept any pattern lock now.Let me know if you got any error.

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341 Responses to Too Many Pattern Attempts – Solution

  1. Ramesh Fernando says:

    To reset the HUAWEI Android phones to overcome “Too Many Pattern Attempts”problem,I pressed only POWER + VOLUME UP buttons simultaneously, and it worked.When I pressed POWER + VOLUME + HOME button simultaneously,a purple screen appeared.

    Thank you very much Sher Singh for your guides.

    • dillibabu says:

      dear sir,
      I am dillibabu. i have samsung android mobile phone. yesterday children taken that phone too many times pattern attempt ,so phone will lock . correct email id submit but not opening.please clear this is

      • dillibabu says:

        please give a solution. i try to reset but not response.My Mobile handset is GT-S5302.

        • Sher Singh says:

          Press Volume Up + Home buttons simultaneously and without releasing these buttons press power button.
          Now select wipe data + factory reset
          On next screen select YES.
          This will erase all data and restore your phone to factory settings .Press volume up/down key to change the options and home button to select the option.

          • sir it isnt working for me can you give any other choice

          • Zahid Khan says:

            Thanks a lot bro… I executed the above commands and it worked….

          • Jherick Earl C. Meneses says:

            Thank YOu Very Much i’ve done it correctly :D GOD BLESS !!!!

          • iqbal says:

            Thanks bro

          • Radin Nur Syafiah says:

            I tried it and press wipe data/factory reset but it doesn’t go to the next page to select yes. My phone is Samsung galaxy mini

          • VINOD VISHWAKARMA AZM says:


          • asadali says:

            sir mine handset is Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 GT-S6500. I have pressed VOLUME+HOME+POWER key simulateously but my phone was rebooted but no changing was occured, then I Pressed POWER+VOLUME simultaneously and then HOME buttons. again it Reboots but no changing was occurd. Sir Please help me to resolve this problem. I´ll be thankfull. Give solutions on this E-mail

          • ambreen says:

            sher singh i press the above method but the option wipe data + factory reset did not appear instead thes option appeared
            restart, poweroff, and offline mode.
            my set is htc explorer
            i selest restart btafter restsrting the problem was still there.
            plzzz tell me a solution.plzz

          • K S SEKHAR says:

            Thanks for your valuable guidance .I could successfully unlock my mobile with out loosing any data. With in 3 miniutes my mobile was unlocked.

          • baba amar nath singh says:

            sir please give a solution. i try to reset but not response.My Mobile handset is GT-S5830i

          • Vishal says:

            my hand set is Lenovo A60+, it stuck with Too many pattern attempt and i tried resetting it but unable to do the same as am not able to format it by POWER+Volume Up+Home button..pls suggest

          • dolly says:

            Thanxs a lot sir for your valuable guidance and help . I have successfully unlocked my device :)

            God bless you

          • atul says:

            Thx yaar, it works…

          • manikanta g says:

            thanks bro…it’s working with your commands

      • smart ekene says:

        my phone is tecno p3 android, after too many pattern it refused to unlock. i even tried the three steps you gave.please help me

      • abdi says:

        thank you so much for the solution!! was going to pay $100 to get it unlocked!! saved me from that!! thank you so much!!

      • princess says:

        hi i have a problem in my cellphone can u help me

        my phone is cherry mobile snap icant unlock ls hslp me

    • Mr. Rinks says:

      tq bro it really worked

      • pritamkasbe says:

        yeh well i have the same phone and i woke up on morning to goto collage and ma phone came up with this login to ur google account thing… and ive tried to login but it wont connect and i have tried to reset it several times and take the battery out etc and it still wont work?? what do i do?

    • parveen says:

      thanks its work in my karbonn a9+ also thanks again

    • niraj says:

      3. On an Emergency Call screen, press back space button samsung galaxy y gt-s6102 model
      phones on the (1)up . too many pattern attempts! (2)down .to unlock, sign in with your google account
      User name ( email )
      sign in

      +Emergency call
      Incorrect user name or password

      User name ( email )
      sign in

    • mikaela smith says:

      yeh well i have the same phone and i woke up on morning to goto school and ma phone came up with this login to ur google account thing… and ive tried to login but it wont connect and i have tried to reset it several times and take the battery out etc and it still wont work?? what do i do?

    • Ashokram says:

      Thanks Ferna – It Work for Me toooooo————

    • princess says:

      hi i have a problem in my cellphone can u help me

    • sarathy says:

      Thank you .. it worked to unlock my lenovo mobile

  2. bishal chaudhary says:

    thak you so much

  3. mohan says:

    no zipfile found in sdcard error i got

  4. Elle says:

    My htc explorer got locked yesterday coz of too many pattern attempts. I don’t wanna hard reset it coz I know I’ll lose all my files. I’m desperate in need of help. Can’t use the 1st solution coz my mobile internet is turned off and can’t go to settings to change it. Is the 3rd solution effective to unlock the pattern without losing anything from my phone? Please help… :(

    • Sher Singh says:

      Yes, Using third solution you can bypass pattern lock without loosing any data.

      • azzam says:

        third solution?? how to install app while the device locked?

      • bharath S says:

        I’m using the third option.

        Hi! My phone is locked, i followed Your website link, and installed the screen lock by pass pro, paid Rs.232 for it. But now after download, its making no difference, can you please help how to use this app in the phone?? I see no activate button, Please help.

  5. Krissy says:

    I have a SC-78MID 7″ ANDROID 4.0 tablet that has too many pattern lock and unable to sign in with the gmail account. Hard reset does not work and i have tried revoking access to the account but its still asking to sign in. What should i do?

  6. Jonathan says:

    How can you make sure that the device is being found ?

  7. arbil says:

    but how can we enable the ADB when its asking for the id and password

  8. keerthi says:

    i’m using galaxy y(gt S-5360) and got locked out due to too many pattern attempts.i dont want to reset and lose my data.My wi-fi and data connection are off.So could you please help me with ADB or screen lock bypass pro(will i lose the data if i use these?).I dont to use ADB.Without wifi,how do i install screen lock bypass pro?pls help..

    • Sher Singh says:

      It requires the device to be online and registered to your Google account.If not , than ADB is only option (if you don’t want to lose data).

      • billy says:

        hello sir sher singh,
        i have a skk A99 but my phone apparently (too manny pattern attempt)
        what should i do sir ? :(
        pls help me sir or someone here :( pls

  9. keerthi says:

    Sir,i would like to know how to issue the ADB commands.

  10. Duch says:

    I have a lenovo P770 and it was locked as well because of too many wrong attempts at inputting the pattern. I tried hard reseting it or factory reset but when i Got to the interface it’s in chinese language. cant do the adb thing as well. my pc no longer can detect my phone. appreciate it.

  11. Sean says:

    I have an LG-P705. What is the hard reset button????

  12. It worked for me with the ADB option (no need to hard reset the phone).
    Didn’t work right after restarting the phone (after performing the adb).
    Ask someone to call you. Was able to get to the home screen after taking the call and ending it.

  13. jin says:

    hello, i have successsfully set up the adb and separately downloaded drivers for my karbonn a9+ when i typed in adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key
    it says permission denied, what do i do now? I also tried locating settings.db using adb pull command (from another reference? but it says path does not exist.

  14. Same problem. I did a factory reset…multiple times but I still get the lock message. I can’t use Solution#2 b/c the phone is not currently connected to a phone number. My child uses it only as a stand alone device. Any ideas? I am working on Solution #3…I downloaded the SDK App on my Mac but it is not clear how to get the ADB running… Help

  15. Anand Sarate says:

    give me solution for karboon a15 MOBILE IS LOCKED to many pattern attemps what i do >? plz give solution +918087650115 this is my mo no.

  16. khawer says:


  17. Bing says:

    Hi Please help me to unlock (too many pattern attempts) , i already try different solution but still not working. :( thanks

  18. ankita says:

    i have locked my phone by giving numerous wrong attempts and i m not even regiustered to gmail in my device,
    As i am using HTC explorer.kindly guide how could i unlock my device without having any login credentials for gmail.please help ASAP

  19. yash says:

    sir i have galaxy grand which is locked by numerous wrong attempts of pattern locking… i have not registerd to gmail account.

  20. sagar says:

    Hello, I have i-ball Andi 4.5h phone. What is the button combination for getting option of factory reset in this phone?
    Can I use ADB?

  21. says:

    Thanks For your openion

  22. vivek says:

    First you go to emergency call no.
    use the dropdown notification to on the wifi
    thereafter enter email and password

  23. DInesh says:

    When I press Power + volume key, It goes to factory mode and there is no option lke restore to factory settings.. The options are like Auto Test, Manual Test, Test Report, Version , reboot etc

  24. Perpetua says:

    how do i reset? power+volume+home buttons dont show the factory settings. my phone is alcatel gingerbread.

  25. rk says:

    I factory reset my phone when google play stopped working- it sais that it could not establish a connection although the internet app and others were fine. Would a hard reset help? Please help.

    • nadar khan says:

      sir i have a mobile noir a10 and they are the lock too many pattern attempt now i will try
      with my gmail adress but the mobile are not i request you what i do that my mobile is start

  26. arivu says:

    to on the wifi connection make a call to your phone. when the phone rings you will be able to on the wifi.. so now u can sign in with your google account

  27. krish says:

    hi this is krish i HAVE A MERLIN andriod tablet it has been locked due to pattern lock
    i am not enable to connect internet i fllowed boot steps which u have given above but iam unable to get boot menu only boot screen is comeing plz tell me the solution

  28. Jochen Herrmann says:

    Why does Android need more than the phone card’s PIN number to unlock the phone again ? Which developer has “invented” this ? When I bouight that Samsung Smartphione (better : StupidPhone) I was not aware that I also have bought the necessity to have a Google acount etc. Now my kids have locked my phone and I can’t do a hard reset. Will try to buy an old fashioned simply working phone. Such a nonsense never ever happend to my Nokia phones. SmartCrap

  29. baru says:

    how to hard reset Motorola XooM2?

  30. jesalie says:

    hi my phone was locked due to too many patterns attempts i tried to hard reset my phone but it did not phone is android 4.2 version in jelly bean can someone help me pls…tnx

  31. wendil says:

    sir i have Cherry Mobile Flare (s100) i did this methods but when i tap volume down + power button Entry QPST DOWNLOAD appears but when try tapping volume up + power button a green screen appears and nothing happens pls help meeee!! :((((

  32. By too many pattern attempt my cousin brother has locked my Htc wildfire s. My mobile data and wifi is not connected, How do I unlock my Phone now? I;ve tried POWER+ VOLUME DOWN+ HOME key, bt it only gives power off, restart or flight mode ? Plz Help…

  33. Mayur says:

    sir,i have micromax a50.It is showing the error “too many pattern attempts” after i draw wrong pattern 20 times.Actually it was correct pattern but i enabled visible pattern in settings.Now,i want to hard reset my phone or suggest any other suitable method.

  34. SUHAIL says:

    sir please help me its showing entry qpst download

  35. saravanan says:

    than you so much, i was like a stupid trying my google acc hundred times without any internet connection :D thank you :)

  36. shrinath says:

    My micromax p275 has locked with too many password attempts
    Can u tell me how to do a factory reset! Thank you in advance…

  37. Shean says:

    Sir can u help me???my cellphone is GT100 a firefly mobile…pls sa tell me how to do it

  38. gobinda barman says:

    plece samsung s5360 unlock system

  39. Gyanendra says:

    my samsung glaxy y phone is locked getting – Too many pattern attempts!

    Could you please help me to unlock the phone

    thanks in advance

  40. akshay kumar says:

    my phone mts sp100 is locked due to many pattern attempts .it is android ver.2.22. plz
    help me how to unlock it.i tried above tricks bt not working properly.

  41. devang kateliya says:

    hello sir,
    i am using Micromax a45 punk now..and in that devise i want to hard reset my phone but as your mention in above 1st comment when i press POWER+VOLUME key then nothin diffrent…my devise is start like as usal…pleas help me sir…how i open recovery mode on Micromax A45 punk…please help sir…Thankyou

  42. myonnie Samani says:

    I am using Alcatel one touch 930, my phone is locked after too many pattern attempts. What do i do?

  43. Alex says:

    Non of the above solution works for AlCATEL 930

  44. Stephanie says:

    I’ve the same problem (too many pattern attempts on my galaxy note 2 and my phone is locked). my internet is off (both WIFI & data) so
    unable to verify my Google acct. Then i saw a comment @ Screen Lock Bypass Pro. under the review : “However you may be able to enable it on a locked device by holding down the power button and choosing the data/WiFi option” Then i tried and it works!!
    what a lifesaver!!!!

  45. Anoop says:

    I am also facing the same issue and tried hard reset of my phone using the UP Volume key + Home key + Power key but this just restarts the phone like
    I normally do. I even tried the Android Debug Bridge but do not have have permission to remove gesture.key file.

    My phone model is GT – I5510.

    Please advise if there is any other way our apart from hard reset and losing all the data.

  46. Tamim says:

    my phones iocked due to too many pattern attempts. I don’t remember my gmail account username or password so I cant unlock my phone but could I create a new gmail will that work and try to unlock it with that?

    please help my phones my life :(

  47. tanmay says:

    how to make second solution working in samsung GT-S5360

  48. jem says:

    my name is jem i have too many pattern attemps problem with my phone SKK A99

  49. merin says:

    i don want to hardware reset my fon………… pls help……….. galaxy ace,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pls pls pls
    fon not connected to internet nt able to connnct to gmail

  50. jimi says:

    how to unlock pattern

  51. bhawna says:

    save me man
    tired A27 phone is locked and data transfer option is off
    i cudnt open ma phone
    need help

  52. ceng says:

    On my android phone, holding down the power button brings up a menu. One of the options is Data Network mode. Pressing this connects the phone to the internet. My normal gmail username and password then works to unlock the phone.

  53. Aarushi Mishra says:

    I have an HtC Chacha,which is currently mot connected to wifi or mobile internet.
    The vol+power+home option doesnt seem to work.
    Can you please suggest other ways to unlock my phone?

  54. mililnd says:

    Hey guys…
    I got the success :)
    that’s it… finally i solved it with my MICROMAX A57

    • Lucy says:

      Hi Mililnd,

      Thanks for your recommendation, I was this close in loosing all my pictures and videos of my husband and kids in thinking to reset my galaxy tab, I was hopeless but then I tried your suggestion and it worked!

      I lost this page and try to search for it again just to thank you. THANK YOU SO MUCH MILILND! I really appreciate it.

    • Shahzad says:

      Thanks dear. Finally I connected to internet and solved the problemI was very upset and disappointed and didn’t want to lose my data. You saved my data.

    • fieqa says:

      hai mililnd,
      i tried ur recommendation but its not work..
      do u have any suggestion for me to unlock my phone?
      mine is alcatel onetouch glory 2s..

    • Mahavir says:

      Thanks a lot Mililnd, This was really helpful!

  55. van says:

    theres no home button

  56. Mohammad Ansar says:

    hi i have a Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-19070 and it got too many pattern lock would you please help me i cant connect to my gmail account also as i cant on the wifi.

  57. gnob says:

    Try to connect with your Broadband Stick to your Mobile Phone with specialize USB hub. make sure that your broadband stick set to automatic connection… then input your username (email) and password. Please reply if i was able to help you.

  58. vishal says:

    home+power+vol option doesnt work.mine is moto fire XT530.pls tell other option.wifi/data connec is off.reply early plzz

  59. gnob23 says:

    For those who have Alcatel One Touch 918N, you can try this base on my experience.
    1. Put your Broadband SIM to one of the SIM slot.
    2. Open your phone
    3. On an Emergency Call screen, press back space button
    4. On an standby mode, scroll down. then you can see Drop Down Menu
    5. Then you can Turn on your Wifi / Data Connection
    Maybe, other Mobile Phone will also works…have a nice day…

  60. my android mobile (alkatouch idea 3g) having many times pattern attempt and mobile data net connection is off,
    i am confused pls. solve this sign in option.

  61. Karen ramirez says:

    I tried the power+volume+home button but it did not work

  62. Christian philip says:

    HEllo Every one..
    I have LG P970 But it is lock by pattern attepms…
    how can i unlock it???buts there is no internet connection in my PHONE??? and i dont know to hard reset it>>.NEED HElp…PLSSSS

  63. sumit chauhan says:

    i have LG p500 android phone..and I have tried too many times lock pattern now it is locked and ask for username and password…and i also forgot my username and password. Now plsss tell me any troubleshooting to unlock my phone. It will be a great help of you.Plzzzz

  64. junaid says:

    I have android q mobile a50 please help to unlock the phone it have been locked after too many pattern attempts

  65. May says:

    my phone is SONY Experia U..and it is locked by pattern attepms
    how can i unlocked it..the mobil data and wifi is off..
    i don’t know how to reset plzzzz..

  66. haseeb says:

    i have zte android mobile phone. yesterday children taken that phone too many times pattern attempt ,so phone will lock . correct email id submit but not opening.please clear this is

  67. bicky bishwasdih says:

    thank u very much sher singh.
    ur trick 100% working.
    my cell gt s5302 have pattern problem,
    i read ur trick and get.&finally its solved thnx again thnx.

  68. surendra says:

    sir , my ADCOM A400 mobile locked by more attempt
    I tried the power+volume+home button but it did not work
    and how to open my wi fi .

    • grizord says:

      just go to the emergency call screen and then drag the screen down to activate data connectivity like ussual … then login to your gmail account
      worked on me

    • ashfi rayhan says:

      my phone is htc explorar.. I cant find hrd reset code.. What should i do?

  69. Hem Pandey says:

    i forget my pattern lock of karbonn s5 titanium mobile…..try several time to unlock the pattern lock but no success is found…..kindly help me to unlock my mobile……..

  70. Piyush says:

    My phone is micromax bolt a27…plz help me. My phone is locked. Power volume home is not working. Plz tell me…my e-mail :
    plz help me.

  71. Mohid says:

    my phone is htc wildfire s. i could not d a a hard reset.pls if anyone knows how to inform me

  72. Jhie says:

    Hi, it says that this app is not compatible with CherryBurst S280. What is the other option please? Thanks ahead.

  73. Jhie says:

    What I mean is the 3rd solution.

  74. Jhie says:

    my cellphone model is CherryBurst S280 from sun cellular digitel

  75. arjay says:

    my phone doesnt have a full hard reset…my unit is firefly GT100
    i hope u can help me guys

  76. Gaurab Magar says:

    Thanks 2nd one worked for me

  77. raghav says:

    my laptop is not recognising the device

  78. raghav says:

    it wud be very helpful provide your soln with a video

  79. wasim says:

    i don’t have any account associated with my tab which is of a china brand also when i pressed volume+power+home buttons simultaneously nothing is happening so please help me what should i do

  80. joy sandoval says:

    power+volume+home didnt work for my GT just click like screen shot…HELP!

    • clmoo says:

      For Android phone users, in case you do not have the wifi or mobile data service on and your phone is locked for too many pattern attempts, you can try holding the power button key down and options will come up for you to choose whether to power off etc. Choose ‘Data Network Mode’ and your phone’s mobile data service will turn on. You may then login in your google account username and password with internet access. Do try and it worked for me

  81. opizam says:

    it is not working whenever i press all the three button still there is no result btw im using the samsung galaxy note

  82. Benjamin says:

    My phone was Huawei My screen locked after too many patterns.
    switch off the phone. Turn it on when it is about to start press all 3 buttons at the same time power+home+volume. It then gives options for factory reset. if you choose this then all the data is eraased (the existing data When you choose factory reset, it comes as a new reset.. Now it works. There is no more screen which says too many patterns attempted.

  83. sudhir says:

    Thanks alot for your inforamtion….Even i got a error for too many attempts so with your information i opened my phone lock….Once again thanks alot

  84. kingsworld says:

    Hi. Pls my HTC magic got locked due to too many wrong patterns.I wanted to hard reset it, but its not working. Could you help me out PLEASE? I have not been able to access my phone for some time now.Pls

  85. Rupa Giri says:

    i m not able to factory reset my xolo a1000 phone…Kindly help

  86. Mithun says:

    i have HUAWEI Y300 please help me to unlock too many pattern attempt…pls . pls. pld……

  87. Kaveh says:

    i’ve got a MSI Enjoy 7 ” Tablet But i cant neither put it on Hard reset nor Use the adb program please Help Me how can i take it to hard reset mode Or How should i use the adb ?

    thanks in advance

  88. Khalz says:

    I have a problem because of too many pattern attempt and i have no any means of data connectivity.
    hard reset does not work
    only it show android man lying down with a red triangle…
    and it return back to Password and username..
    My device is Acer iconia tab a200

  89. Lakshan23 says:

    I am using xperia S….how should I give the ADB commands? Is it through windows command prompt??

  90. hayder says:

    My mobile is wrong pattern with walton primo c1
    Plwase solution your wrong pattern.

  91. sharique hussain says:

    i am using karbonn a6 with 4.0 ics and phone is ocked with lock pattern and data and wifi is off .how i will reset and tried tyhe third one but it fails 2 and there is a symbol like[when email is not connected ] plllzzz suggest me

  92. piyush says:

    nice solutn sir ji 10 out of 10 (“_”)

  93. ahmad says:

    thx bro… you save me :)

  94. sammi says:

    thankssssssssssssss lot bro your trick is work my mobile is unlock…………

  95. elegiq says:

    Hi! I can not hard reset my htc x310e, can you hepl me? :(

  96. Jitedra says:

    Dear Sir,
    Its says permission denied

    Please give solution

  97. sathish says:

    I have micromax a88 please let me know how to clear the pattren unlock…

  98. dipi says:

    sher singh ji thnx thnx thnx aloooootssss :)

  99. Dhruv says:

    please give a solution. i try to reset but not response.My Mobile handset is Micromax a72

  100. aRiie. says:

    I don’t understand because my wifi is always open, I write the good password and it doesnt work….

  101. lekhraj jajoriya says:

    hello sar,
    help me!!!
    my phone karbonn a7* usme “TOO MANY PATTERN ATTEMPTS!” likha huaa aa rha hai

    kya karu sher singh ji..

  102. karmar basar says:

    hi frends m using xolo a700 and my phone was locked once and i unlocked it,….thank you so much……….dear admin

  103. Anon says:

    Hey, there! I have a 7″ Vido tablet that I bought from DealExtreme. I entered the wrong pattern lock 20 times, and after that, it asked me for my gmail username + password. I entered them correct 6-7 times (even confirmed that they were correct using my mobile phone running on android), but it wouldn’t work. I tried factory reseting by turning on the tablet the with volume up/down button, a blank “recovery” screen appeared, and the tablet restarted, only to ask me for my username and password again (implying that one of ‘em were incorrect). Some guy told me to try ADB, but I can’t understand such sophisticated programs :/. Any tips for me?

  104. manoj gurung says:

    give me solution for cnn MOBILE IS LOCKED to many pattern attemps what i do >? plz give solution 009779816168785 this is my mo no.

  105. manoj gurung says:

    give me solution for karboon a15 MOBILE IS LOCKED to many pattern attemps what i do >? plz give solution +918087650115 this is my mo no.

  106. j.p. says:

    My fablet zync z5 is locked due to too many pattern attempts. Also data and wifi is off and i unable to reset using above mension things because when i doing above mention things no menu or text is shown on display and only open andriod box with warning logo is shown.
    Please help me anyone how to hard reset zync z5.

  107. Sherene says:

    My phone is alcatel one touch glory 2s pro. I don’t know how to find the reset code since this phone’s home button is just in touching the screen.
    can u please help me? thank you.

  108. has4all1 says:

    how do i enable usb debugging when the phone is locked

  109. Yomna says:

    my device wont work with your method of turning on and off… It doesn’t have a “HOME” button plz help

  110. bond says:

    my sanei a76 tablet is showing too many password attempt.and i had intered the gmail id correct but it not sign in and my wifi is off and i had tried to press power+volume but it not working,plzzzzzzzzz send the ans i beg u for help…………

  111. gayatri says:


    my iBall Andi 4v phone got locked after my kids set some pattern and they forgot. please give a solution

  112. gayatri says:

    i tried hard resetting but dint work

  113. honey says:

    my karbonn a9+ is locked due to try many wrong pattren so how i unlock my phone net is not working pls tell me right way

  114. Arowz says:

    Am using a tecno p3 android 2.3. I did pattern lock now I tried many times and its asking of my gmail account. sad thing is my data service is off and wifi and I could not unlock it.I tried using the power button plus volume up aint working.pls wat can I do again cz I don’t wana flash it

  115. Yogendra kumar kalbhore says:

    I am Yogendra . i have samsung android mobile phone (Y young GTS-5360). children taken that phone too many times pattern attempt ,so phone will lock . Correct email id submit but not opening.please clear this is

  116. mark says:

    Hi sir can you help us my son cell is locked same problem with other brand he’s using O+ 8.31 how do i push it to reset the cellphone.

    thanks :-)

  117. Jogendra Singh says:

    I am Jogendra . I have HTC Explorer android mobile phone. that phone too many times pattern attempt ,so phone locked, I did correct Google account and password but its showing “incorrect user name and password”, I also did the “Power+ Vol –“ but its not showing any message, I need your expert advice to clear this issue asap

  118. denzkie says:

    thank you very much god bless you :D

  119. Jona Mae Tagle says:

    I have a huawei mediapad 10 fhd . i having the same problem , i reset it using power+volume but it says fail . what will i do next ? pls help .

  120. Mylo says:

    Mine is a samsumg galaxy y- GT- S5360, I’ve tried all this buttons but to no avail. can someone specifically tell me which buttons to press??

  121. Sriharsha says:

    SOLUTION : Take out the SIM from the phone (Phone-A), put it on another phone (phone-B), Enable data connection on Phone B. Re-insert the SIM back to Phone A. Power on Phone A. Now, you should have the Internet connection on Phone A.
    Once, you have the internet connection, you should be able to sign-in.

  122. chirag soni says:

    unlok kara ha

  123. anil says:

    hey my mobile( samsung anycall ) is lock . so guys how to solve my problem.plz solve my problem

  124. Jagobandhu says:

    I have bought an Microdigit Tablet PC 7inch M700G Prime some months ago from Saudia Arabia, presently i am staying in Bangladesh, but now i am fetching a problem with it. When i am trying to turn on it, it showing that Too many pattern attemps!. But i am using my original user name and password but nothing is happening.I am not able to connect the tablet with internet by GSM or wi-fi. I tried to format or reset by pressing reset but nothing happen, then i tried to press power button and volume down but it appears a black screen with Chinese language. i am not able to understand anything. so what i have to do. i think i may need to change the firmware version but how i will change it and where from i get the firmware version? Or is there any other way to recover the tablet pc?

  125. virus says:

    i have gt 5300 samsung ..can u help me unlocking my phone by formating it…….how.many times we need to press power vol+ and home key.? i did it bt i didnt get any response from phone……help me

  126. Ahmed Suleman Gumsuri says:

    Wow! Thank you bro., sincerely speaking, I don’t know how to thank you.

    My phone was locked due to too many unlock pattern attempts, I tried unlocking it by entering all the gmail accounts I ever created and couldn’t unlock it. I went to Samsung office in Wuse II – Abuja for assistance but they advise me I would loose everything, so I rather go to Samsung Service Care at Utako – Abuja. When I went there, they said they can unlock it but only after I pay N 4000 and yet still, I would loss all my data. But, I cant stand the idea of loosing everything and hence, I said no way!

    I went back to my office and started surfing the net. All the related postings I came across were advising on factory reset, which means compromising my data. I continued searching until I found your posting. I followed your instructions and in less than 10 minutes I succeeded in unlocking the phone with all my data intact. Thank you very much once again.

  127. TyranX says:


    I have a Hyundai mini i9300 android phone, I try key hard resets but none of them works, I can’t find any hard reset keys pertaining to my device, I think this is a china phone. Please help me find a Hard reset key for my device.

    I tried Volume up+Home+Power key but nothing happens
    I tried Volume up+Power key but nothing happens
    I tried Volume down+Home+Power key still nothing happens
    I tried Volume down+Power key nothing happens
    I tried Home+Power key still I cannot enter in recovery mode or Fast boot.

    Please can anyone help? :(

  128. marc francisco says:

    sir i have a phone of w300 cherry mobile your 1st solution give in the top is i cant use bec its off 2nd i dont know how to format it i use (open + volumeup) its not the same in samsung can you help me sir..thanks you

    • Johnard says:

      Hi Mark,

      Any news about your problem? Was it already solved? How? May phone is also W300 cherry mobile and it was locked because of too many pattern attempts. Please help..

  129. tksh says:

    how to reset Micromax A70???

  130. Md. Masum says:

    How to reset Symphony Xplorer W 80?

  131. Vanswagen says:

    Hi my phone is cherry mobile flare. How can I reformat it?
    please help me

  132. Kristoffer says:

    Sir please help…. im using a Galaxy Spica… same too many patterns error

  133. sancha man rai says:

    i have my mobile locked n its showing too many pattern attempts….i cant unlock my mobile….my mobile model is samsung galaxy s advance i9070…..please help me….

  134. dhel says:

    good, my phone is firefly A530 and it was locked beacuse too many pttern attempt?can you give me a suggestion how to unlock?

  135. Yesenja says:

    Hello. I have lg optimus p970. I try all not work. What can I do.

  136. wajeeha says:

    i put the pattern and forgot it now too many attempts and now requires email etc but it isnt working i did the power+volume up down thing but the highlight isnt moving up or down my mobile is Qmobile A50. please i need help please…please

    • string says:

      press volume down + volume Up + power button and keep pressing till ur phone shows recovery mode and factory mode the press volume up key and go to the recovery mode and thn volume down key and select wipe data/factory reset and go on for further screen instructions.


  137. Samy says:

    i tried the process with ADB,but permissions are denied in each case.what to do?Please help me,how can I unlock my phone without loosing my data

  138. Sithembiso says:

    Mine is Hisense HS-U1, it written as “attempts!” and it can’t connect to WIFI while it is locked. Please help

  139. Raindy vaiphei says:

    Sir i’ve a problem, i have tried the screen lock pattern for about 20 times, and now i’m unable to unlocked it! The name of my phone is by2 i5000 android os version, is there a way to solve this problems?

  140. Devaraj says:

    my micromax a72 mobile is locked and what is the reset buttons pls help

  141. gursimran says:

    my phn’s screen is locked nd its not even accepting the username nd password what should i do em just felling helpless please help me

  142. gursimran says:

    my phn’s screen is locked nd its not even accepting the username nd password what should i do em just felling helpless please help me my mobile is iball ANDI

  143. Parksy Mato says:

    I have the problem.Onetouch 916..So could help please?.thanks alot..

  144. Oyindamola says:

    I am using tecno p3 nd my phone is locked bcos of toomany tried patterns.pls help me i dont know what to do

  145. willz says:


    My niece locked my Razr xt885…too many pattern attempts. Now it’s asking me to enter my gmail account and password. I have done it multiple times but it keeps saying i have entered an incorrect or invalid username or password. My wifi is not connected and i can’t get to my settings or menu…the only thing i can do is make an emergency call. Could you please help me!


  146. Ashok Rao says:

    sir mera teblet pc lock hogaya hi user name and passwerd bata rahe hi.palese help me.

  147. Aram Hatem says:

    (Zopo zp900) is my adroid phone it was locked beacuse too many pttern attempt, i pressed volume up + home button with Power button ,a screen appeared after my selecting any options it can not go to next step,any one can tell me a step to unlock without losing my data… please.

  148. kristel says:

    i have a huawei ascend (i guess thats the brand) model # is h866c i have tryed the power+ volume but i got nothing i would really like your help

  149. ibraheem says:

    it’s not working for my Samsung galaxy mini it keep rebooting…….nothing else @@@ another menthod plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  150. Dhaval says:

    I Have Karbon Ta Fone a37 HD Please give me solution for in to remove too many pattern attempts.

  151. Phillip Gibson-ree says:

    I have a dgim t-704s tablet and my kids have locked it. Too kany wrong patterns help plz

  152. vaibhav says:

    my phone is karboon A6 it is locked deu to wrong attempts of pattern

  153. kshitiz says:

    Mine is cell on a9+ can’t reset

  154. Sadiq Waheed says:

    Pls assist my phone is tecno D5, it was locked because of many pattern attemps, my wifi and mobile data connection is off, pls post ADB link
    to me and how can I do hardware reset

  155. VIKRAM says:


  156. timothy says:

    mine is 0+ i tink its not that popular phone but i can’t format it either so please search a solution for me but in case you need my mobile device name its 0+ 8.36 android….

  157. Ali says:

    I’m using an Android Atrix HD and I can’t connect to my computer via USB and whenever I try to hard reset, it comes to a screen I can do nothing on…help?

  158. adinani lukwaro says:

    ooooh thanks alot my phone now is just like new one you are doing nice work congrats.

  159. jfp says:

    How can I reset my phone for HTC explorer?i didnt work for me..

  160. mina says:

    how will i hard reset my android tab if i dont have volume button on it..? i only have power and home button…. please help me..dunno what to do… :(((((

  161. Veron Dizon says:

    Please help me! My phone is cherry mobile flare, it was locked because of many pattern attempts, my wifi and mobile data connection is off. Can I ask for ADB link and how to do hardware reset. Thank you very much :))

  162. jr says:

    sir does this work on 0+ 8.31? coz some children took it and played with the pattern.. thanks a lot

  163. hakz says:

    If your wifi is off but the data connection is on, send data bundles/airtime to your phone and try logging in….the invalid username and password response may be due to lack of sufficient funds in your phone account. That worked for my sisters alcatel OT918

  164. sanjeev says:

    hello sir my phone was lock too many pattern attempt and the volume button not working my data connection is also off so wht can i do plz help

  165. Praveen Barthwal says:

    thanks it work……………….

  166. Praveen Barthwal says:

    thanks so much for tell me about hard reset it works and my fon now woking..

  167. jayesh garasiya says:

    yxtel g926 pattern look pal help meese

  168. george says:

    my tablet Kingcom Joypad c75 is in too many pattern attempt state, it only has 1 button the power button, how can i hard reset this?

  169. hurler mie wale says:

    Tankz bro…..-it work 4 me

  170. Puran says:

    i am using Micromax A27 bolt , how can open pattern lock without internet & email-id .

  171. ashish says:

    your solution to unlock is very use full i used this

    • venu says:

      volume+powerkey +home key i am getting the settings. but, if you secelect the wipe out data + yes user data….it will delete your contacts right?..or still you got back your contacts and data?????????????

  172. Y Farooq says:

    hi there,
    I’ve Chines tablet Star-X Tablet PC7, with android 4.0 on it, It is locked with the message “too many patterns attempts”, I’ve forgot the Username (email) and password,
    there is no home button on it, just Power and Volume + and – buttons.
    I tried Power & Volume +- buttons, and Power & Volume – and Power & Volume + buttons together, but had not luck. There is no reset button.
    Can any one help me with that,
    Kind regards

  173. faizah says:

    my phone GT-18150…it was locked because of many pattern attemps…please help me sir…

  174. binkam drax says:

    oh my god. I couldnt believe it. It worked out perfectly. Tanx and god bless

  175. SUNIL DAVID S says:

    I am Suni David . i have Karbonn A 10 android mobile phone. children taken that phone too many times pattern attempt ,so phone will lock . Correct email id submit but not opening.please clear this is

  176. Manfred says:

    Sir, I have my Kyocera Digno WX04K . Anyone know how to hard reset this phone.

    Thank you very much,

  177. shavez ahmad says:

    BEST SOLUTION(100% WORKING) : Take out the SIM from the locked phone .put it on another phone (phone-B)or net setter to make data connectivity on 4 surfing. Re-insert the SIM back to locked Phone . Power ON Now, you have the 100% Internet connection on your locked Phone .
    Once, you have the internet connection, you should be able to sign-in with your google account.
    it worked 4 me within seconds and also without loosing any data and money.

  178. p kisosian says:

    my tchno phone locked coz many differece pattern attempts

  179. tom says:


  180. mahesh says:

    Sir I have lava n350 is locked by too many pattern attemts
    Please give me a solution

  181. blair says:

    it didnt work

  182. blair says:

    what is another way

  183. ong says:

    hi ! can you help me because my cellphone is lock i don t now how to do and i dont have account in google i forgot

  184. miss sumitra sharma says:

    how to sing out from G-mail account at android phone ? please help me…
    my cell phone is carbonn A 50.

  185. joy joy says:

    sir it doesnt work on my skk a7 mobile.what will i do?thanks.

  186. RAJESH PANDA says:

    sir my micromax Bolt a27 has been pattern lock many attemp ,my device data connection is off so what method I recover my device? please sir help me…

  187. blossom says:

    i have tried but it dosent work i have an htc wild fire plz help me

  188. rose says:

    Please help me my phone is Alacatel One Touch Soleil, I had too many pattern attempts on my phone and screen is asking for my google acct, but I can no longer remember my password and username. please help me to open my phone again.

    thank you

  189. umananda das says:

    sir my micromax Bolt a72 has been pattern lock many attemp ,my device data connection is off so what method I recover my device? please sir help me…

  190. umananda das says:

    sir my micromax Micromax Canvas Viva A72 Price been pattern lock many attemp ,my device data connection is off so what method I recover my device? please sir help me…

  191. jony says:

    for try many time of pattern lock….now it can not work…account & passward they want…

  192. haider says:

    hi sir! i have a lenovo tab….it got locked due to multiple trial of neither connects to the wifi cx wifi was not on earlier when it was open…it also dont get cnktd to ma computer cx it gives option when alryt that allow to connect to computer now it dont appear..also tried the power volume and home button …act it dont hv a home button and home icon dont appear now….what to do plzzz help

  193. jenny says:

    Thanks so much. Press Volume Up + Home buttons simultaneously and without releasing these buttons press power button.
    Now select wipe data + factory reset solved my too many patterns problem. Have a nice day!

  194. Kamal says:

    i m using Karbonn A6. and due to too many wrong pattern attempt my phone locked.
    i also use my gmail account bt still it is not worning.
    kindly suggest me some other way so that i can unlock my phone.


    • Milap says:

      Kamal did you get the reply? how to unlock the Karbonn A6 phone?
      If you got the reply than tell me because i have same problem as like you.


  195. Neymar says:

    Well,I have a problem with my Samsung SGH-T849 Galaxy tab.I used the pattern too many times,now it’s asking my google account i type it but it doesn’t work.Can you help me pleaseeee :D

  196. ewan says:

    My phone was lock and no Home buttons how ?

  197. hex says:


  198. viias says:

    solution is bst thanks a lot

  199. Umar farooq says:

    hello Mr.Sher Singh,

    Thanks for your valuable technique to unlock my phone..It helped me a lot.. Thank you once again.

  200. saurabh saxena says:

    sir too mant pattern attempts lock this mobile end my mobile wi fi not used end sim card netwark (GPRS) used pls mail to same solutuin.

  201. Nishar says:

    sir. as usual my htc desire c is locked because of too many pattern attempts. i am not able to unlock it by using google account because for that i have to for settings which i cant do while the lock is there. And i also not able to use third solution because i dont have that software. Now i am trying second solution . my cell has the touching home button . i have done all regarding the instructions but it is still not working. i think may be because of touching home button. Can you do something?

  202. shailesh says:

    my ub 7 problem too many pattern attempts masseage….

  203. Haroon Haris says:

    DEar Sher ji,
    I have got a Lenovo P770 mobile phone. The pattern have been entered wrong so many times, and google sign-up screen appeared. Even the username and password is correct it is returning error. How can I unlock my phone. PLease help. Waiting for your valuable reply..


  204. Holuhwarhsheun says:

    Pls sir my phone is android(tecno) P3 and due to many pattern attempts my phone was locked,and have try to hard reset but not workn out…pls help…

  205. Chococherry says:

    I have a problem with my phone cherry mobile Cruize. I followed the steps given above but it didn’t work. What should I do? Please help me.

  206. Mark Henry says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have a logicom tablet pc. I have a same problem. My wifi is off so I don’t know what can I do for that. I can’t work the second solution either as there is no home button in my tablet. There are 3 buttons on my phone. One is power button & the other two are of volume – +. Please let me know how can I re-set the hard drive so that I could be able to unblock my tablet.

    Please Let me know, I will be very thankful if you do that.

    Thanks & I wait for your reply.

  207. sunil says:

    sir, how my micromax a27 recover mode.

  208. gaurav gupta says:

    I have micromax ninja A 54 could you tell me how to hard reset it

  209. gaurav gupta says:

    Thanks man It worked now….thanku very much from the bottom of my heart

  210. ronald says:

    i have an alcatel ot tpop and my phone is locked because of too many patterns.pliz help me unlock.i would appreciate

  211. kamal says:

    i have samsung GTS5302
    and someone lock my mobile through pattern lock now how can access my mobile
    quick reply plz

  212. Evans manare nkoana says:

    i really thnk 4 ur help

  213. sweta says:

    sir i have apply the second method and the first page open but it responding what should i do my mobile set is lava iris N350

  214. mikaela smith says:

    Okay well i have a Huawei ascend phone and i woke up one morning and it came up to this ‘login to your google account’ thing and my internet doesnt work/ i have NO credit and ive tried many times to login to my google account and it still isnt working and ive even have reset my phone many times and taken my battery out and sim card and turned the power off?? i dont know what to do?? PLEASE HELP

  215. braz143 says:

    i have the same problem to sir .. my tablet is hipstreet aurora 4.0 android .. it says too may pattern attempts .. what should i do? .. please help me

  216. Sayyed Ghazali says:

    Hello Dear,
    I have mobile from KOREA.
    Mobile name: KT Tech KM-E100

    My pattern is also locked.
    Now i am trying to reboot. But no key combination is working to reboot my phone. There is only three keys in the phone. Power, Volume UP and Volume Down. If i press these three keys simultaneously then a green circle symbol comes and nothing happens further. I tried diffrent keys to have any option. But nothing comes.

    Please sir, help me!!!

  217. than2x says:

    do you have any idea on how to format my phone gt-s5360? pls help tnx

  218. Teminikan says:

    I have a M-HORSE china android phone and when I press the POWER+VOLUME UP buttons it brings up some test modes. When I press POWER+VOLUME DOWN, a white triangle with an exclamtion mark appears. What can I do to hard reset this phone?

  219. kavita says:

    I am dillibabu. i have samsung android mobile phone. yesterday children taken that phone too many times pattern attempt ,so phone will lock . correct email id submit but not opening.please clear this is

  220. Emon says:

    my phone is symphonyw125, i need to unlock the pattan lock , i can not connet any net so how can i unlock this

  221. Prashant chettri says:

    hi my karbon tritatinum S5 has a got pattened locked. when i try to r hard reset by pressibg volume up key + power key+ home button…nothing happwl pa happens. pls help

  222. manish soni says:

    sir my device is huawei ascend Y200 and it is lock after so many pattern attempt and device need id and password which were i dnt know, will u pls help me its urgent

  223. InnocentPari says:

    Hello. I forgot my screen pattern and now it is locked. My device is Samsung Galaxy SGH-i897. PLease Help!! :’(((

  224. Harry says:

    Sir i have hcl me v2 phablet .Sir Too Many Patrens are attempt by me . sir plz say me me how to enable lock when phablet is lock

  225. niyaz says:

    alhamdulillah i got a narow escape from this problem.. my phone already had a software named ‘floating toucher’ . i pulled down status bar while on emergency call and there i saw the float toucher pointer.. the software allowed me to activate packet data eventhough the phone is locked…connected to the internet and got an escape…

  226. sourav says:

    sir my mobile is micromax a60 i know the pattern but by my brother try too many pattern it unlock. i don’t know e-mail so i can’t login how can i unlock my mobile.

  227. john says:

    thank u guys…it worked….thank u vry much

  228. CHUYAX says:


    Any solution for resetting Digno Dual WX04K made from JAPAN ?

    Thank you,

  229. shikhar says:

    my device is samsung GT-S5302 and I am unable to hard boot it by the method described above.
    the phone reboots normally by performing the method when it is switched off. While the phone is ON, it gives a flash sound and an impression as in case of screen-capture. plz tell me what should I do??

  230. pratik rai says:

    my phone is karbonn a10 and it is locked
    please help i tried by pressing the power+volume+home buttons but it did not worked
    please suggest

  231. mary says:

    cant find my hard reset code,i have a huawei ascend g300,model u8815

  232. NELA says:

    i have tried to roboted my phone but it still does work :( i pressed the power botton and the volume botom but it dont seem to work at all!!!
    really annoying :(
    can you please suggest any other way of unlocking my phone pleasee? it would be much appriciated!

    • DURAI says:

      hi Every one

      i like share my solution for pattern lock for samsung galaxy y gt-s5360

      We can unlock pattern without losing date from the phone its so simple and easy just fellow my instruction.
      1.please on the wi-fi from your modem or on from another mobile
      2.Please Call to your number from another phone.
      3.Attended the call
      4.pull the top menu and ON the WI-fI, bluetooth from your mobile.dont cut the cal
      5.once ON the wifi it automatic scan for the connection and its completed then select the modem name or mobile name in display.
      6.after the connect to your mobile then cut the cal.Now u got the net connection
      7.type your user id and password then it open the pattern select the new pattern or old patten
      8.after that u can access your mobile.
      if u have any doubt pls mail to my id

  233. irfan says:

    It is not a matter guys
    you can just dial *2767*3855#
    In a emergency call mode
    Your mobile will be restart and the mobile is unlocked

  234. atul says:

    my karboon a6 is locked ,, and i try to reset but its not work , help me bro,,

  235. Nitin says:

    i have a karbonn a9+ and its locked “too many pattern attempts” i tried all the things you told but the only option that left for me is the hard reset. do you have anything specific for this model. pls let me know..

  236. aman rajak says:

    hello sir
    my phone is locked due to many pattern attempts..i know my username and password of gmail account but when i try to sign in using my phone it says invalid name and password..i have enabled wifi and connected too….but if i use same username and password for google play store i can log in through my pc but cant from my phone..n when i try to hard reset my phone there is no option as recovery or factory reset …n also i cannot connect my phone to pc..when i connect using usb it shows no sign of connection but it says charging…my mobile is m tech deszire…it would be very helpful if u help to find solution to this…thank u sir

  237. Saraz says:

    i have HTC desire , kindly guide me to get rid of this unlock problem :(

  238. tej says:

    mine is Karbonn A50 model loked due to many wrong pattern attempts and all my data wifi and usb debugging are disabled wat sholud i do to overcome it
    waiting for ur valuable answer
    thank u??!?!?!??!

  239. jay says:

    i have a htc one phone and I have put in my Patten in too many times now my phone is blocked and when I am putting in my gmail account its saying wrong password or user name so iv changed my password on my email account and its still not working what other things could I try please help

  240. mohit says:

    my titanium s5 got locked and I can’t access to internet and WiFi and USB debugging mode is also off what should I do

  241. mamta says:

    my mobile phone is karbonn a6 . this is unlock due to too many pattern attampts what i hv to do

  242. millie says:

    I have a samsung galaxy y. My friend tried my pattern attempt too many times. I have a google account but the wifi is off. Is there a way to unlock my phone without losing all my data, photos etc?
    Kind regards,

  243. Mohamed says:





  244. sidd says:

    i’ve xolo a700 & amtrying option 3 to unlock as i do not want to loose any data. but when i give below command:
    rm /data/system/gesture.key
    i get following message:
    rm failed for gesture key, permission denied
    Please help ….?
    I’ve admin rights with the machine & running with ‘run as admin’, i’m on vista

  245. Dawood Asjad says:

    Thank YOu Very Much i’ve done it correctly :D GOD BLESS !!!!

  246. Arun says:

    The factory reset option is really working. :)
    Contacts, screen saver, messages were deleted and pictures , videos were not deleted.


  247. mj says:

    Sir, my tablet is etech etc ( I don’t know the model #). I have also the same problem but the only thing is if I finish press power button and volume up, I don’t know what’s next. It only appears the android with exclamation mark. Please help me fixing my tablet.

  248. anup says:

    I have GIPO W919 spreadtrum mobile which is pattern locked and gmail login option is not working, how to factory reset it?

    Vol down+ power takes to hardware test page.

    what is option?

  249. frey evans says:

    I have proplem with my nokia R820 after many pattern drawn and cannot remember my google aacount.How can i reset my phone to factory settings

  250. ritesh Jain says:

    I ball andi 4v is locked & tried all options (Power + volume keys) but not getting able to do hard reset, pl. help.

  251. tyr says:

    hi I have a huawei y300 its locked aswell wanted patterns then a google account ’cause I forgot my password I changed it but still said invalid password or user I also tried power+volume+homescreen nothing worked please help as I em depressed now

  252. del says:

    my phone is Huawei y300 I forget my Google count and pass word please help.

  253. Harshada says:

    I have problem with my karbon a9+

  254. sunil kumar says:

    Dear sir
    I have lava iris 405 my phone is locked due to too much attempt of wrong pattern. I tried all of method to unlock but in vain. please tell me how I reset my phone?

  255. vivek says:

    I have a fly tab n its lock for too many pattern attempt. I hard reset my tab but option i chinese languge help me out plzz

  256. zeeshan malik says:

    HELLO SIR:i have htc wildfire s. problem i have no on WiFi and device net and too many pattern code: plz plz plz send me details on this e.mail thanks

  257. rashu says:

    thanks a lot sir..
    i did it perfectly with your suggesstion.

  258. Rohit says:

    Sir my mobile hadset no is Gt s 5360 too many pattern attenpt
    my google id submited but not open plz give me solutions ..

  259. Rashmi says:

    my android mobile Karbon A50 having many times pattern attempt and all connections is off.

    i am confused pls. solve this sign in option.

  260. aarthy reddy says:

    wow! it worked for me Thanks:)

  261. Al-Hakim A. Usman says:

    You can unlock Pattern attempt blocked and internet disabled (wifi and Data) Samsung S5300 without a hard reset which will erase all data in your phone specially the phonebook.

    here is what you do:

    1. Switch on your phone then press the back button to get into the emergency call option.
    2. tap the emergency call button at the bottom.
    3. swipe down from the top of your phone’s screen.
    4. a quick menu will appear with icons for wifi, bluetooth, mute etc…
    5. tap the wifi icon to enable it. (assuming you usually connect your phone to your home wifi. (this will only work if your phone have previously connected to that wifi)
    6. key in your google id and password associated with your phone.
    7. if your googleid and password entered correctly then you are good to go

  262. Lee Roy says:

    Go to emergency call then touch down the notification thing ..
    there you can activate your wifi and mobile data .

    >>>Is this helpful??
    >>>give a feedback C:

  263. akbar says:

    Switch off mobile after hold power on and volume + button simultaneous then reboot or mobile

  264. bijay ray says:

    don’t do factory reset… one more way to unlock your andriod phone… (galaxy fit gts5670)
    press your switch off button for 2-3 sec. and turn on your data connection. and switch off your phone for 2 min. after 2 min switch on your phone and give your correct google username and password and its should ask for re-pattern. draw a new pattern and enjoy it.. if it helpful pls reply it. thankx…..

  265. prashant says:

    thanks a lot sher singh.

  266. Muhammad Jawad says:

    Hi Sher Singh i have a miracle tab i8200.Original designed by blackbird assembled in china.Due too many pattern attempts it is not unlocking.i have been tried many times correct google username and password but it’s not working please give me an appropriate solution about it please

  267. rp says:

    unlocking the mobile is very simple.. just switch on the mobile phone u will get the option of mail/user id and password on screen.. ( this is the problem). just follow the simple steps as follows:-
    1. press the power button and the screen button for some time, the internet pack gets activated.
    2. now put ur mail id and password. it will accept cos the net is active.
    this worked out for me.. hope it works for u..
    best of luck

  268. Finsam says:

    For too many wrong pattern attempts , For security reasons it asks to login with your Google account username and Password, but if you are not connected to wifi , you are helpless,
    The below Can work in Samsung Galaxy
    1) On the screen where it asks for Google login , below you can find emergency Call tab , click on it
    2) Once in the Emergency Dial in , swipe the notification features on the Top,
    3) Once when in the notification screen you can turn on your wifi , and Wifi becomes enabled.
    4) Then you are good to go once connected to wifi, you can login through your Google Account and well you get unlocked,
    5) Provide a new or re-use your earlier Pattern !!

    If you don’t remember your Google Account then you have to do a Reset where you may lose your Data , try the below steps
    1) Press Volume Up + Home buttons simultaneously and without releasing these buttons press power button.
    2)Now select wipe data + factory reset when the Dark Screen appears like a DOS prompt
    On next screen select YES.
    This will erase all data and restore your phone to factory settings .Press volume up/down key to change the options and home button to select the option. This will rest your Phone !!
    Happy and Hopeful Wrong Pattern Hunting !!

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