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Too Many Pattern Attempts

Too Many Pattern Attempts – Solution

Android is most popular operating system for mobiles.This Operating System is designed by Google and is available for free.Smart phone making companies are using Android as their mobile phone operating system.This system has benefit of thousands of free applications available over Google Play.A common problem which mobile users are facing is that their mobile is locked after too many wrong pattern attempts.

Pattern Lock in Android Mobile
Pattern Lock in Android Mobile

Most of users lock their mobile by using pattern lock.Pattern lock is a kind of lock in which you have to draw image by connecting  adjacent circles.You can browse your mobile only when you make right pattern.In case you draw wrong pattern ,you are asked to redraw the pattern.

If you add wrong pattern for more than 20 times then your phone get locked.Now you can’t try new pattern or use any other feature of mobile phone.Even you can’t make any call.In this case your phone is totally locked.

Solution for Too Many Pattern Attempts

If you have attempted wrong pattern many times and your phone is locked ,then there are following solutions:-

First solution is to use Google account associated with mobile.You need to log in into your Google account and then you can disable or change the pattern lock.Internet (mobile data) on your mobile should be working otherwise you need access to WiFi to do that.If  your mobile is not connecting with internet then you have to go for second solution.

Too Many Pattern Attempts
Too Many Pattern Attempts

If WiFi or mobile data is Off on your mobile then you can’t authenticate online to unlock your device.You can enable WiFi as well as mobile data by connecting your mobile with Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This method requires USB Debugging feature enabled which is under ‘Developer options’ of your device.

Second solution to overcome “Too Many Pattern Attempts” problem is to format the mobile device.You need to make hard reset of your mobile to overcome pattern lock problem.For most of the Android devices ,you can hard reset the device by pressing POWER + VOLUME + HOME button simultaneously.Please remember that all your data (images ,music files , videos and contacts saved in mobile ) will lost during hard reset and your phone will be restored to factory setting.

Let me know if you didn’t find hard reset code/method for your mobile.I will find it for you.

Third solution is to use desktop app.You need to know username and password of Google account associated with your mobile device.Name of the app  is Screen Lock Bypass Pro. You can download it in Google store.Install this app on your device and you can bypass the pattern lock.

 Steps to Bypass Pattern Lock Using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

You can bypass pattern lock using ADB.For this method to work ,you need USB debugging mode enabled.By default this feature is enabled automatically.

Connect your device to computer with the help of USB cable and issue following command through ADB

adb shell
rm /data/system/gesture.key

Reboot your android device and now supply following commands

adb shell
cd /data/data/­s/databases
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;

Restart your device.

You have done.It will accept any pattern lock now.Let me know if you got any error.

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Sher Singh

I am a blogger writing on various topics including new technology, websites and how to use them.There are number of services provided by each technology and websites but users are not aware of them.This blog shows use of such services so that users can fully utilize any technique, software or websites.

745 thoughts to “Too Many Pattern Attempts – Solution”

  1. To reset the HUAWEI Android phones to overcome “Too Many Pattern Attempts”problem,I pressed only POWER + VOLUME UP buttons simultaneously, and it worked.When I pressed POWER + VOLUME + HOME button simultaneously,a purple screen appeared.

    Thank you very much Sher Singh for your guides.

    1. dear sir,
      I am dillibabu. i have samsung android mobile phone. yesterday children taken that phone too many times pattern attempt ,so phone will lock . correct email id submit but not opening.please clear this is

        1. Press Volume Up + Home buttons simultaneously and without releasing these buttons press power button.
          Now select wipe data + factory reset
          On next screen select YES.
          This will erase all data and restore your phone to factory settings .Press volume up/down key to change the options and home button to select the option.

          1. I tried it and press wipe data/factory reset but it doesn’t go to the next page to select yes. My phone is Samsung galaxy mini

          2. sir mine handset is Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 GT-S6500. I have pressed VOLUME+HOME+POWER key simulateously but my phone was rebooted but no changing was occured, then I Pressed POWER+VOLUME simultaneously and then HOME buttons. again it Reboots but no changing was occurd. Sir Please help me to resolve this problem. I´ll be thankfull. Give solutions on this E-mail

          3. sher singh i press the above method but the option wipe data + factory reset did not appear instead thes option appeared
            restart, poweroff, and offline mode.
            my set is htc explorer
            i selest restart btafter restsrting the problem was still there.
            plzzz tell me a solution.plzz

          4. Thanks for your valuable guidance .I could successfully unlock my mobile with out loosing any data. With in 3 miniutes my mobile was unlocked.

          5. sir please give a solution. i try to reset but not response.My Mobile handset is GT-S5830i

          6. my hand set is Lenovo A60+, it stuck with Too many pattern attempt and i tried resetting it but unable to do the same as am not able to format it by POWER+Volume Up+Home button..pls suggest

          7. volume+power button+home button dont work on my sgh-t589 samsung gravity.

            after i press the three buttons simultaneously it only appears in my screen.
            -Sound off
            -Flight mode : on
            -Power off.

            help me plss

          8. sir my phone was locked to to many pattern attempts i tried to sign in with google associated with the email address that i had used for my phone but its not working. i want to try the second option can you give me an idea on how to format samsung s5360? thanks a lot

          9. Thanxs a lot sir for your valuable guidance and help . I have successfully unlocked my device 🙂 …

            God bless you

          10. Good afternoon sir i have tried to fastboot my a6 skk phone to unlock my phone but didnt work pls help me to unlock my phone pls be advice thanx

          11. wait so this works with the htc wildfire and do i have to hold the buttons down what do u mean by simutanuosly

          12. Sher singh please help me with my LG P970 please i beg you pleaseeeee help me how to hard reset him pleaseeeeeeeee :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

          13. Hi sir i have sharp sh530u and my phone is locked because i forgot my pattern lock and it was almost 1 week that i never used my phone can you help me to unlock my phone. I press POWER + VOLUME (-) but it didnt work. Can you suggest me other options to my problem. Thank you sir and i wait for your responds.

          14. it didnt work on my handset SKK mobile, it only appears:
            sound : on
            airplane mode: off

      1. my phone is tecno p3 android, after too many pattern it refused to unlock. i even tried the three steps you gave.please help me

      2. I am Raja . i have Micromax android mobile phone. yesterday children taken that phone too many times pattern attempt ,
        so phone will lock . correct email id submit but not opening.
        please clear this is Pls.

      3. I am sri . i have XYTEL android mobile phone. yesterday children taken that phone too many times pattern attempt ,so phone will lock . correct email id submit but not opening.please clear this is

      1. yeh well i have the same phone and i woke up on morning to goto collage and ma phone came up with this login to ur google account thing… and ive tried to login but it wont connect and i have tried to reset it several times and take the battery out etc and it still wont work?? what do i do?

    2. 3. On an Emergency Call screen, press back space button samsung galaxy y gt-s6102 model
      phones on the (1)up . too many pattern attempts! (2)down .to unlock, sign in with your google account
      User name ( email )
      sign in

      +Emergency call
      Incorrect user name or password

      User name ( email )
      sign in

      1. I can’t ulock my Samsung gt-s5300
        n also I can’t used my Google account so can u give
        me some solutions plz help me
        I hope u

    3. yeh well i have the same phone and i woke up on morning to goto school and ma phone came up with this login to ur google account thing… and ive tried to login but it wont connect and i have tried to reset it several times and take the battery out etc and it still wont work?? what do i do?

    4. must be hard for you i have my bosses toshiba tablet at100 and when i tried the
      ther was one problem the home button is in the screen and it did not show

    1. Sir my mobil samsung gt 5360 to attempt manay pattern it lock data connection off and wifi off i know my my google a/c but it is being not open

  2. My htc explorer got locked yesterday coz of too many pattern attempts. I don’t wanna hard reset it coz I know I’ll lose all my files. I’m desperate in need of help. Can’t use the 1st solution coz my mobile internet is turned off and can’t go to settings to change it. Is the 3rd solution effective to unlock the pattern without losing anything from my phone? Please help… 🙁

      1. I’m using the third option.

        Hi! My phone is locked, i followed Your website link, and installed the screen lock by pass pro, paid Rs.232 for it. But now after download, its making no difference, can you please help how to use this app in the phone?? I see no activate button, Please help.

      2. Please i’ve tried to enter my google username and password, but they keep saying “invalid” and i don’t want to format my phone, please what else can do about it, my phone is HTC DESIRE S

  3. I have a SC-78MID 7″ ANDROID 4.0 tablet that has too many pattern lock and unable to sign in with the gmail account. Hard reset does not work and i have tried revoking access to the account but its still asking to sign in. What should i do?

      1. Thanks for that info. I would just like to know if i need to have a desktop manager for the android tablet to use ADB?

      2. Hi I cant ADB on my ics pinnacle phone..any suggestion. spice doesn’t give me a suite and they dont.. I need to unlock without resetting:-(

      1. I am using karbon a6 anroid and it was pattern lock i am trying too many patern lock i press power+volume+home but it cannot work please help me

  4. i’m using galaxy y(gt S-5360) and got locked out due to too many pattern attempts.i dont want to reset and lose my data.My wi-fi and data connection are off.So could you please help me with ADB or screen lock bypass pro(will i lose the data if i use these?).I dont to use ADB.Without wifi,how do i install screen lock bypass pro?pls help..

      1. hello sir sher singh,
        i have a skk A99 but my phone apparently (too manny pattern attempt)
        what should i do sir ? 🙁
        pls help me sir or someone here 🙁 pls

  5. I have a lenovo P770 and it was locked as well because of too many wrong attempts at inputting the pattern. I tried hard reseting it or factory reset but when i Got to the interface it’s in chinese language. cant do the adb thing as well. my pc no longer can detect my phone. appreciate it.

  6. It worked for me with the ADB option (no need to hard reset the phone).
    Didn’t work right after restarting the phone (after performing the adb).
    Ask someone to call you. Was able to get to the home screen after taking the call and ending it.

  7. hello, i have successsfully set up the adb and separately downloaded drivers for my karbonn a9+ when i typed in adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key
    it says permission denied, what do i do now? I also tried locating settings.db using adb pull command (from another reference? but it says path does not exist.

  8. Same problem. I did a factory reset…multiple times but I still get the lock message. I can’t use Solution#2 b/c the phone is not currently connected to a phone number. My child uses it only as a stand alone device. Any ideas? I am working on Solution #3…I downloaded the SDK App on my Mac but it is not clear how to get the ADB running… Help

  9. give me solution for karboon a15 MOBILE IS LOCKED to many pattern attemps what i do >? plz give solution +918087650115 this is my mo no.


  11. Hi Please help me to unlock (too many pattern attempts) , i already try different solution but still not working. 🙁 thanks

  12. i have locked my phone by giving numerous wrong attempts and i m not even regiustered to gmail in my device,
    As i am using HTC explorer.kindly guide how could i unlock my device without having any login credentials for gmail.please help ASAP

  13. sir i have galaxy grand which is locked by numerous wrong attempts of pattern locking… i have not registerd to gmail account.

  14. Hello, I have i-ball Andi 4.5h phone. What is the button combination for getting option of factory reset in this phone?
    Can I use ADB?

  15. First you go to emergency call no.
    use the dropdown notification to on the wifi
    thereafter enter email and password

  16. When I press Power + volume key, It goes to factory mode and there is no option lke restore to factory settings.. The options are like Auto Test, Manual Test, Test Report, Version , reboot etc

  17. how do i reset? power+volume+home buttons dont show the factory settings. my phone is alcatel gingerbread.

  18. I factory reset my phone when google play stopped working- it sais that it could not establish a connection although the internet app and others were fine. Would a hard reset help? Please help.

    1. sir i have a mobile noir a10 and they are the lock too many pattern attempt now i will try
      with my gmail adress but the mobile are not i request you what i do that my mobile is start

  19. to on the wifi connection make a call to your phone. when the phone rings you will be able to on the wifi.. so now u can sign in with your google account

  20. hi this is krish i HAVE A MERLIN andriod tablet it has been locked due to pattern lock
    i am not enable to connect internet i fllowed boot steps which u have given above but iam unable to get boot menu only boot screen is comeing plz tell me the solution

  21. Why does Android need more than the phone card’s PIN number to unlock the phone again ? Which developer has “invented” this ? When I bouight that Samsung Smartphione (better : StupidPhone) I was not aware that I also have bought the necessity to have a Google acount etc. Now my kids have locked my phone and I can’t do a hard reset. Will try to buy an old fashioned simply working phone. Such a nonsense never ever happend to my Nokia phones. SmartCrap

  22. hi my phone was locked due to too many patterns attempts i tried to hard reset my phone but it did not phone is android 4.2 version in jelly bean can someone help me pls…tnx

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