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Too Many Pattern Attempts

Too Many Pattern Attempts – Solution

Android is most popular operating system for mobiles.This Operating System is designed by Google and is available for free.Smart phone making companies are using Android as their mobile phone operating system.This system has benefit of thousands of free applications available over Google Play.A common problem which mobile users are facing is that their mobile is locked after too many wrong pattern attempts.

Pattern Lock in Android Mobile
Pattern Lock in Android Mobile

Most of users lock their mobile by using pattern lock.Pattern lock is a kind of lock in which you have to draw image by connecting  adjacent circles.You can browse your mobile only when you make right pattern.In case you draw wrong pattern ,you are asked to redraw the pattern.

If you add wrong pattern for more than 20 times then your phone get locked.Now you can’t try new pattern or use any other feature of mobile phone.Even you can’t make any call.In this case your phone is totally locked.

Solution for Too Many Pattern Attempts

If you have attempted wrong pattern many times and your phone is locked ,then there are following solutions:-

First solution is to use Google account associated with mobile.You need to log in into your Google account and then you can disable or change the pattern lock.Internet (mobile data) on your mobile should be working otherwise you need access to WiFi to do that.If  your mobile is not connecting with internet then you have to go for second solution.

Too Many Pattern Attempts
Too Many Pattern Attempts

If WiFi or mobile data is Off on your mobile then you can’t authenticate online to unlock your device.You can enable WiFi as well as mobile data by connecting your mobile with Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This method requires USB Debugging feature enabled which is under ‘Developer options’ of your device.

Second solution to overcome “Too Many Pattern Attempts” problem is to format the mobile device.You need to make hard reset of your mobile to overcome pattern lock problem.For most of the Android devices ,you can hard reset the device by pressing POWER + VOLUME + HOME button simultaneously.Please remember that all your data (images ,music files , videos and contacts saved in mobile ) will lost during hard reset and your phone will be restored to factory setting.

Let me know if you didn’t find hard reset code/method for your mobile.I will find it for you.

Third solution is to use desktop app.You need to know username and password of Google account associated with your mobile device.Name of the app  is Screen Lock Bypass Pro. You can download it in Google store.Install this app on your device and you can bypass the pattern lock.

 Steps to Bypass Pattern Lock Using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

You can bypass pattern lock using ADB.For this method to work ,you need USB debugging mode enabled.By default this feature is enabled automatically.

Connect your device to computer with the help of USB cable and issue following command through ADB

adb shell
rm /data/system/gesture.key

Reboot your android device and now supply following commands

adb shell
cd /data/data/­s/databases
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;

Restart your device.

You have done.It will accept any pattern lock now.Let me know if you got any error.

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745 thoughts to “Too Many Pattern Attempts – Solution”

  1. Pls assist my phone is tecno D5, it was locked because of many pattern attemps, my wifi and mobile data connection is off, pls post ADB link
    to me and how can I do hardware reset

  2. mine is 0+ i tink its not that popular phone but i can’t format it either so please search a solution for me but in case you need my mobile device name its 0+ 8.36 android….

  3. I’m using an Android Atrix HD and I can’t connect to my computer via USB and whenever I try to hard reset, it comes to a screen I can do nothing on…help?

  4. how will i hard reset my android tab if i dont have volume button on it..? i only have power and home button…. please help me..dunno what to do… :(((((

  5. Please help me! My phone is cherry mobile flare, it was locked because of many pattern attempts, my wifi and mobile data connection is off. Can I ask for ADB link and how to do hardware reset. Thank you very much :))

  6. If your wifi is off but the data connection is on, send data bundles/airtime to your phone and try logging in….the invalid username and password response may be due to lack of sufficient funds in your phone account. That worked for my sisters alcatel OT918

  7. hello sir my phone was lock too many pattern attempt and the volume button not working my data connection is also off so wht can i do plz help

  8. my tablet Kingcom Joypad c75 is in too many pattern attempt state, it only has 1 button the power button, how can i hard reset this?

    1. volume+powerkey +home key i am getting the settings. but, if you secelect the wipe out data + yes user data….it will delete your contacts right?..or still you got back your contacts and data?????????????

  9. hi there,
    I’ve Chines tablet Star-X Tablet PC7, with android 4.0 on it, It is locked with the message “too many patterns attempts”, I’ve forgot the Username (email) and password,
    there is no home button on it, just Power and Volume + and – buttons.
    I tried Power & Volume +- buttons, and Power & Volume – and Power & Volume + buttons together, but had not luck. There is no reset button.
    Can any one help me with that,
    Kind regards

  10. I am Suni David . i have Karbonn A 10 android mobile phone. children taken that phone too many times pattern attempt ,so phone will lock . Correct email id submit but not opening.please clear this is

  11. BEST SOLUTION(100% WORKING) : Take out the SIM from the locked phone .put it on another phone (phone-B)or net setter to make data connectivity on 4 surfing. Re-insert the SIM back to locked Phone . Power ON Now, you have the 100% Internet connection on your locked Phone .
    Once, you have the internet connection, you should be able to sign-in with your google account.
    it worked 4 me within seconds and also without loosing any data and money.

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