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Watch YouTube Video Without Buffering

YouTube is favorite website for watching videos.Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube everyday.Now a days high definition (HD) videos are uploaded.These videos take too much time to load and buffering occurs continuously.You face this problem if you have slow internet connection.You can watch videos without buffering by having fast speed internet.But you will have to pay more for that.Buffering of videos in YouTube is annoying.Here are some simple tricks by using which you can watch YouTube videos without buffering:-

1) YouTube Feather

YouTube is a service provided by Google. Google is continuously working on improving the user experience of watching videos on YouTube. In the same KADI ,Google has introduced YouTube Feather.YouTube Feather is a service by Google to watch movie without buffering.

This is a optional service and is still beta.YouTube Feather turns off many advance features.Only 10 comments are loaded and ratings of video is disabled. Only basic functionality is provided for now.

You can start using YouTube Feather by following these steps : –

YouTube Feather
YouTube Feather Page

a) G0  to YouTube Feather beta Page

b)Click on button saying Join the “Feather” beta.

That’s all.Now videos will load in YouTube Feather.

YouTube Feather Opt Out
YouTube Feather Opt Out Option

You will see a notice of using Lightweight version of video page.If you don’t want to use this service, you can opt out by clicking  “just this once or permanently” in the notice section.

2) Second method to overcome buffering of YouTube videos is to change the quality of YouTube---Change-Qualityvideo.When your video start loading, there is a gear shape icon below the buffering line.Click on the gear icon and there will be option to change the quality of video. As per video, you can select 144p or 240p.Higher the pixel value, bigger the size of video and more time it will take to load.Select the lowest available value of pixel to avoid buffering.

YouTube Avoid Buffering

3)YouTube HTML5 Video Player

Just like Feather Beta, you can go for YouTube HTML5 video player.This is also optional service.To use it, follow these steps:-

YouTube HTML5 Video Playera) Go to URL

b) Click on  blue button with title “Join the HTML 5 Trial”.

That’s all.


These are official methods to watch YouTube videos without buffering.You do not need any hack or software to apply these tricks.If you know any other method to load YouTube video faster than please share in comments.


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